Chrysler Grand Voyager

Limited Edition


7-seats or VIP-4-seats

2-zones air conditioning, leather, Bose-HIFI- surround system, 3 LCD displays, DVD player, automatic doors, panoramic roof, tinted windows, heated seats, and so on...

Mercedes-Benz Vito

Comfort-Plus (Business Taxi)

9 seats, 2-zones air conditioning, ski rack, reclining seat, tinted windows

comfortable up to 8 passengers

Renault Trafic Grand Passenger (Business/Economy Taxi)


9-seats, 2-zone air conditioning, tinted windows, big car boot, ski rack, independent vehicle heater






VW-Bus T4 Facelift (Economy Taxi)

9-seats, air conditioning, tinted windows, big car boot, ski rack, independent vehicle heater